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TakeAClass Media Group (dba TakeAClass) Vendor Policy

Last Updated: April 1, 2024

TakeAClass Media Group, operating under the trade name TakeAClass, has established this Vendor Policy to complement our Terms of Service and provide additional guidance to Vendors utilizing our Marketplace. Our Vendors encompass the Businesses that register, claim ownership of a business, and showcase their profiles on our Marketplace.

By registering an account and utilizing any of our Services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to adhere to the Terms of Service and this Vendor Policy.

This Vendor Policy is subject to periodic updates. We will notify you of any significant changes by communicating via email or posting a notice in your Account. Your continued use of our Services after such modifications constitutes acceptance of the revised policy. It is your responsibility to stay informed about any changes.

Unless otherwise defined in this policy, capitalized terms have the same meaning as in our Terms of Service.

Vendor Obligations

By listing your business or services on our Marketplace, you affirm and guarantee to us and to any Student who books with you, the following:

  1. Legal Compliance: You possess the legal authority and all necessary permits, licenses, and governmental approvals to provide the services advertised on the Marketplace.
  2. Accurate Representation: All information provided about yourself and your business, including any Content shared on the Marketplace, is complete, truthful, up-to-date, and accurate.
  3. Compliance with Laws: Your services, utilization of the Marketplace, and the content you host do not violate any applicable laws or infringe upon any proprietary rights of third-parties.
  4. Insurance: You have and will maintain commercial, liability, and/or professional malpractice insurance covering personal injury and/or property damage liability for Students, with satisfactory coverage and commercial reasonability. Upon request, you will provide us with relevant insurance certificates.

User Privacy

You acknowledge the importance of maintaining a consistent and secure environment for all Marketplace users, particularly regarding the privacy of personally identifiable information. You must adhere to our Privacy Policy [link to privacy policy] and maintain privacy policies at least as protective as our own concerning the sharing of personal information with third-parties.

Children Under 13

If your services cater to children under 13 or are subject to COPPA regulations, you must comply with COPPA requirements. By offering any service through our Marketplace, you confirm compliance with COPPA requirements.


Any Booking made through your relationship with the Marketplace constitutes an agreement solely between you and the Consumer, subject to your terms and conditions and our Terms of Service. We are not a party to any agreements made between Users.


You are solely responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations regarding your bookings, including remitting any required federal, state, and local taxes.

Cancellations & Refunds

You are responsible for establishing your own cancellation and refund policy.

Disputes with Users

While we may offer assistance in resolving disputes, we are not obligated to do so. If mediation is pursued, you agree to cooperate fully and provide requested information. Failure to comply may result in the closure of the matter.


You may not directly solicit or provide services to Consumers introduced through the Marketplace in a manner that circumvents or avoids our fees or commissions. Violation of this provision will result in liability to us equal to the applicable fee or commission.


This Vendor Policy serves to clarify your obligations as a Vendor on the TakeAClass Marketplace. By utilizing our Services, you agree to abide by these terms and any future updates. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected].