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Navigating the world of classes, lessons, and camps just got easier!

TakeAClass is your one-stop online hub for discovering exciting classes, lessons, and camps. It’s also the perfect platform for businesses, organizations, and individuals looking to showcase what they have to offer.

  • With Streamlined Business Profiles, you can discover beautifully crafted business profiles presenting a range of class, lesson, and camp offerings in your neighborhood.

  • Effortless Search allows you to easily find adult and kid options and manage your favorites.

  • Enjoy Privacy & Ratings as we do not share/sell information to third-party companies, and benefit from verified ratings from Google Reviews.

  • Boost Your Brand: Businesses, Instructors, and Organizations. Our mission is to support local economies through various marketing strategies like social media campaigns, content initiatives, SEO tactics, email campaigns, PPC ads, influencer collaborations, local ads, referrals, and guerrilla marketing.

I’m thrilled that you’re here! Take a look around, join our community, and share with a friend.

Amy E. Butler, Founder
TakeAClass Media Group

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