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The Artist Boat, Inc.


In Person (Local)


Artist Boat’s Mission
Artist Boat is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote awareness and preservation of coastal margins and the marine environment through the disciplines of the sciences and the arts.

Artist Boat’s Vision
Everyone who experiences our Gulf Coast values and protects its natural beauty.

Artist Boat’s Goals
- Connect people to Gulf Coast environments through mind-opening experiences
- Expand engagement in existing programming to inform and inspire more people of all ages to appreciate and protect the Texas Gulf Coast
- Educate and inspire people to action to preserve and protect coastal and marine habitats
- Preserve and restore 1,400 contiguous acres from beach to bay with the Coastal Heritage Preserve on West Galveston Island
- Establish the first nationally significant environmental education center on the Gulf Coast. Programs to include kayaking and hiking adventures, science and art labs, overnight camping, service learning and high-level engagement.

Age Range

Young Children (5-8 years), Children (8-12 years), Teens (13-18 years), Adults (18+ years)

Learning Level

Beginner, Intermediate

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