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Sword to Sword


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Historical European Marital Arts Longsword School Of Houston

Sword to Sword is, un-ironically, a sword fighting school. But more than that we’re a club. While Sword to Sword has a serious focus in educating our members on martial combat, we also focus on fun. We want Sword to Sword to be a welcoming environment for everyone.

Unlike other martial arts schools, Sword to Sword has no system of ranking our students. Everyone has the ability to pursue what areas of study they like, while still being given the foundations of expert sword techniques. We believe that intrinsic motivations drive a student to improve and learn more than a rigid education process that limits students to a certain area of study exclusively.

Each month, we teach on a new topic, building on the universal foundations of swordsmanship, but also allow our students plenty of time to explore other topics with support from the instructors.

Challenge one’s self to improve, no matter how minor, every session
Know one’s limits to keep safe and keep self control
Support one’s training partners to do the same
Have a great time while training seriously

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Adults (18+ years)

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Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

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  • May 24, 2024 2:15 am local time

  • 1544 Sawdust Road, Suite 304, Spring, Texas 77380, United States

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