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Sideline Spirit is a boutique cheerleading company located in Spring, TX. Our mission is to develop cheerleaders and aspiring cheerleaders into leaders. Specializing in Game Day cheer, we not only offer classes at our gym, but we also work closely with local school teams and cheerleaders to support their growth and success on and beyond the sidelines.

From beginner programs through intermediate and advanced levels, build core strength, flexibility, and coordination while learning to perform tumbling skills safely. Classes for ages 2 to 16.

Whether you are new to cheer or a current cheerleader for your school team, our cheer classes will help you step-up your game this season. From motion and jump technique classes to spirit dance, you can get started today and train towards your goals. Classes ages 4-16.

Build a solid foundation for cheer and tumbling while learning to work effectively with others on a team. After an evaluation “tryout,” students are placed on a team best suited to help them grow and develop. Teams work together throughout the season as they develop routines and build skills. Teams are available to athletes ages 4-16. All skill levels are welcome. No previous experience is required.

Ages 2-5 begin building strength and coordination in fun programs that teach body awareness and foundational tumbling skills.

Adults love Sideline Spirit’s energetic, cheer-based fitness, tumbling and dance classes. Whether you’ve never danced or tumbled before, or you’re returning to the floor after some time away, we’ll get you moving in programs that are as fun as they are challenging.
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Big Toddlers (3-5 years), Young Children (5-8 years), Children (8-12 years), Teens (13-18 years), Adults (18+ years)

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Beginner, Intermediate

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