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McCall Mixed Martial Arts


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Our Mission is to Foster a Love for MMA in Every Student
McCall Mixed Martial Arts teaches Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai Kickboxing to residents of Humble and the surrounding Houston, Texas areas. It is our mission to provide students with a safe, clean, positive, and professional environment where they can get quality instruction as they develop their techniques and personal skills that will have a life changing influence. Our hope is that you will develop a lifelong love of the sport! Additionally, our school aims to train and teach techniques that will help individuals excel in self defense, or in Martial Arts competition.

We have qualified instructors (5 years and more training experience) teaching all of our classes - and most classes are taught by a Black Belt!

What Can I Expect?
Our school provides a low stress environment that puts an importance on having fun while training, yet being safe, and training hard. An everyday class consists of warm-ups, technique training and then sparring. We teach authentic Muay Thai Kickboxing, which will give you a great cardio workout, while learning to really defend yourself or get ready to fight in the ring. We also teach wrestling and judo techniques within the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes.

Our training is designed to benefit the mind, body, and soul:
Mental Strength: We will help you to have a more positive, motivating and inspirational attitude and outlook on life. We will help you push beyond your limits with the help of your training partners and the atmosphere McCall MMA provides.

Strengthen Your Body: Each day that you train, your body will become more physically conditioned, more flexible, and physically stronger. You will notice that those pants fit looser, your skin has tightened, and you will hear those compliments of how good you look! We will teach you better eating habits that will help your body shed that unwanted fat and extra pounds!

Inner Soul: We will help you will learn how to be fierce, and yet merciful. We will help you believe that no mountain is too high to climb, and that no matter what rough spots come your way, you will fight through them and not quit until you the job is accomplished!

Our facility offers:
A comfortable waiting area in an air conditioned facility
Workout equipment and approximately 1900 sq. ft. of mat space which is cleaned daily with disinfectant.
We have a waiting area, lockers, and we have men and women bathrooms along with showers.

Age Range

Young Children (5-8 years), Children (8-12 years), Teens (13-18 years), Adults (18+ years)

Learning Level

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

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  • 6730 Atascocita Road, Suite 109, Humble, Texas 77346, United States

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